Overview of Minor Arcana – From One to Three of Wands

In this article, I will describe here the Minor Arcana of the Tarot cards and the main topic of mine will be about;

  • Ace of Wands
  • Three of Wands
  • Three of Wands

Wands are the action, the beginnings and vitality in the Minor Arcana and with they are represented with suitable, the fire element.

I will present the information in the follow structure which is as follows;

  • A general description of the letter
  • Some meanings when the letter comes right after
  • Some meanings when the card is reversed.

In this way, it will be very much facilitating to have the interpretation of the Minor Arcana cards in spreads.

Ace of Wands

A hand comes out of the clouds and holding a wooden stick. The stick is alive and nurtures small branches and green leaves hanging from it. It is a source of activity in life. You can see a building in the distance, on top of a mountain. This indicates that with the pure energy, obstacles are overcome and accomplished to build what you want.


It belongs to the fire element and it is finest. It deals with all kinds of activities as work, business, sports, physical action, struggle, movements, etc. It indicates the starting point or start of a new project and it also indicates a culmination or happy end or the auspices of a successful end. It is the spark of desire, enthusiasm, vitality and possibilities of action.


There may be excess energy which results in aggressiveness, impulsivity and thoughtless behavior. The activity ends up wearing as when excess becomes Yin Yang and the enthusiasm becomes stubbornness. In case of poor energy depletion, processes are completed with impotence, dismissal or forced retirement.

Two of Wands

It shows a well positioned man who is in a moment of reflection. It indicates to build your future actions to expand and choose their future alliances. You can develop your vision but not a poetic and illusory vision, but a strategic vision and a plan of action. You know that you need to ally with others to achieve the set goals.


It belongs to the fire element and represents the preparation of future actions. It is the human spirit in search of expansion, either new businesses, jobs or the ability to extend knowledge or a good idea. It is also working with others to achieve goals.


It indicates neither having a clear vision of where to go nor stand out or seize opportunities. The person may have difficulties making decisions and may repeat old patterns while no alliances prove to be favorable.

Three of Wands

This man has already come a long way and is in a climax of his travel time, demonstrating from atop what has gone and is ready to continue. It has the power and resources to do so.


It belongs to the fire element and represents the brief stop along the way for expansion and growth. There are several alternatives and resources available and this is to evaluate how to maximize the results with what you already have. The journey brings new opportunities to choose from.


The situation is complicated and lacks the resources and the ability to use them and may force into the way that ceases all the activities. The options are invalid or cannot be found. There is a lot of negativity in the form of lack of enthusiasm, anxiety and frustration.


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